Indel Software Highlights 2024

Release 24.4.0

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SPS - Smart Production Solutions 2024

Visit us in Hall 1 - Booth 348

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With our own electronics production lines we can server our clients fast and flexible.


All PCB's will be inspected with the real 3D-AIO-System from Koh Young Technology. The real 3D data aquisition based on real physical measurements allows to detect bad or deficient capillary joints and components. With the 3D AOI system Indel can ensure a high qualitive standard in the future.

  • Real 3D data aquisition
  • Components and capillary joints inspection
  • Phase-Shift-Moiré measurement technologie


SMD assembly line

Assembly machines from Europlacer:
Europlacer Vitesse and Europlacer Process
Efficient assebly machines.

  • Active feederintelligence, up to 25'000 uph
  • 2 x 8-way revolver heads, optical piece measurement
  • 0201 to Fine Pitch QFP 50
  • Changover during production


Screen printer

  • Automatic screen positioning
  • 2D inspection
  • Screen database
  • Windows software


Steam phase oven

Preheating and soldering in oxygen free cell. High quality processing of QFP, BGA, Flip chip as well as ceramic pieces.

  • Oxygen free preheating and soldering
  • Uniform heating of pieces
  • No overheating
  • Reproducable process conditions


Unsoldering station Onyx 29

Half-automatic unsodering station

  • Powerful preheater (6kW)
  • Force measurement
  • X-Y-linear motors
  • Multifunctional head for heating, dispensing, fluxing, assembling


Reballing Unit

  • BGA-Reballing from Martin
  • All-in-One Set
  • For all common sizess
  • BGA, CSP and QFN reballing

Heat cam

The heating cam can be rented from Indel on hourly or daily basis: +41 (0)44 / 956 20 00

  • Fluke Thermal Imager IR Flexcam Ti35
  • -20 ... 350°C
  • Resolution: 0.1°C
  • Memory for 1000 pictures


X-ray inspection

The x-ray inspection device can be rented from Indel on hourly or daily basis: +41 (0)44 / 956 20 00

  • RTX-113HV Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
  • 80kV / 0.1mA
    Suited for:
  • Inspection of multi layer boards
  • BGA inspection, incl. cooling element
  • 45° display possible