Indel Software Highlights 2023

Release 23.4.0

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SPS - Smart Production Solutions 2023

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Desktop Libraries

Product names: INCO, INCO V, INIX

There are many possibilities for building a HMI. Beginning with the selection of the interaction system, there are various approaches: PC applications, handheld applications, panels, electrical switches. Indel systems can be combined with all types of HMI.

If the machine visualisation and interaction is to be on a PC-like system, Indel offers a number of frameworks to support the developer.

There are no significant restrictions in the choice of programming language for HMI development; the customer can choose freely from the languages and technologies available. The basis of the HMI is the communications layer, which implements the interaction with the embedded system. The customer can choose whether or not to use the Indel INIX HMI framework and its tools.


For communications with Indel embedded systems, Indel offers its INCO (INdel COnnectivity) protocol. In essence, INCO supports the following operations:

  • reading / writing variables
  • invoking functions (RPC)
  • reading from/writing to memory

The customer can access any of the variables and functions provided by the embedded system from the customer application.


Indel has been developing software for automation solutions for more than 20 years. The HMI is a crutial part of any automation solution. To accelerate the development of such HMIs, Indel developed its INIX (INdel Interface eXperience) framework.

Unterstütze Systeme

Windows, Linux, Android, HTML5-Webbrowser

Unterstützte Programmier-
Sprachen & System

C/C++, .NET, Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Visual Basic, VBA, …


Zugriff der (Kunden-)Applikationen auf alle Indel-Systeme mit Netzverbindung