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Compact Peripheral Drives

Label: COP-AX2 / COP-AX

Up to 20 ARMS peak current

Up to 72 VDC motor voltage

Up to 32 kHz position loop


The COP-AX2 motion board is a compact solution for the actuation of up to two axes per module and up to eight axes per COP node. If required, two output stages can be wired parallel in order to double the power output. All of the established motor encoder systems are supported. Thanks to the flexible scalability of the COP periphery, the COP-AX2 can be combined with additional modules. Thereby, individual customer requirements can be covered, while simultaneously remaining highly economically viable.

Motor voltage

24 to 72 VDC

Number of axes

Up to 2 per COP module
Up to 8 per COP node

Motor current
per axis

Single mode: 5 ARMS , 10 ARMS peak
Dual mode: 10 ARMS , 20 ARMS peak

Motorspitzenstrom pro Achse
(Single / Dual)

10 ARMS / 20 ARMS

Control frequency

Up to 32 kHz

Motor types

PM synchronous, stepper, linear, DC

per axis

1 × SinCos / Incremental
1 × EnDat / Hiperface / SSI / BiSS

Speed filter

Luenberger observer

Current filter
per axis

4 × Low-pass / Notch


COP bus

Brake resistor

1x 56 Ω / 5 W internal
1x Connection for external resistor


100 x 80 mm (w × d )


1 COP slot

Label: COP-AX2 
Option: 72V

Indel-no.: 611552900

2 Motor output stages up to 72 VDC

  •    5 ARMS continuous current per axis 
  • 10 ARMS continuous current in dual mode 
  • Stepper motors, DC motors, servo motors  
  • SinCos / incremental encoder feedback

Label: COP-AX 

Indel no.: 611145800

2 Motor output stages up to 48 VDC

  • 2.5 ARMS continuous current per axis 
  •     5 ARMS continuous current in dual mode 
  • Stepper motors, DC motors, servo motors 
  • SinCos / incremental encoder feedback
  • Resolver (on request)