Indel Software Highlights 2023

Release 23.4.0

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SPS - Smart Production Solutions 2023

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Sequence Control

McRobot Framework

Base functions already implemented

Freely extensible

Define sequences in Lua


For developing machine control systems, Indel offers the McRobot framework. McRobot offers many ready-made building blocks that can be linked together with Lua scripts based on events or time dependencies.

The building blocks include standard sequences such as the calibration and referencing of axes, status store and restore, setup mode, safety handling and error handling.


Combine existing, tested components

Modular design

Machine is represented by software modules


Modules are freely extensible by C++ inheritance

Programming languages

C/C++ und Lua


Target-specific translation with proven
GNU-Toolchain (GCC)


  • Initialization
  • Referencing
  • Calibration
  • Single step
  • Simulation
  • Slow motion
  • Error handling

Motion library integration

Complete integration of the Indel
motion library

Various development models are available for programming with McRobot:



The developer programmes the machine sequences in C++: pick routines, path traversals, coordinated actions between multiple axes and I/Os, etc.


The complete machine software is programmed with Lua scripts. McRobot offers many ready-made building blocks that are linked together with Lua scripts on the basis of events or time dependencies. Lua and McRobot offer an easy-to-understand basis for the implementation of the complete machine.

These two methods can now be combined freely: complex sequences and routines are implemented in C++ and then linked to other actions with Lua scripts.

The simplicity of Lua also allows mechanical engineers, process technicians, product managers, etc., with limited programming experience to programme and modify the machine sequences. At the same time, the language offers the full range of functions of a modern high-level language.