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Service Tools

Product name: Indel Cockpit

Platform independent

Access all machines from everywhere

Messages and states at a glance


One service tool for all Indel products
From configuration and setup to monitoring and maintenance, the Indel Cockpit handles all tasks within a clear and consistent user interface.

The right tool for every task
Indel Cockpit bietet für diverse Anwendungssituationen vorkonfigurierte Perspektiven, welche die für die jeweilige Situation sinnvollen Informationen und Werkzeuge übersichtlich darstellen. Dank dem integrierten User-Management kann jede Perspektive auf die persönlichen Vorlieben angepasst werden.

Access from everywhere with any device
Thanks to cutting edge web technologies, Indel Cockpit runs everywhere and on any device with mordern web browsers. As all settings are stored on server side, all functions of the Indel Cockpit are available to the user from their Smartphone, Tablet or PC without prior installation.

Security through proven technology
Indel Cockpit uses proven and standardised security technologies to protect the enteire network traffic. This even allows secure remote maintenance over the internet.

Always in charge of your machine - This is Indel Cockpit.