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Release 23.4.0

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SPS - Smart Production Solutions 2023

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Communication Layer

Industry 4.0

IPv6, Tcp/Ip, HTTP(S), Websockets, ...

Efficient, secure, extendable


Digitalization of the factories means that all machines, even such by third-parties, are interconnected. Production data are exchanged between them and are analyzed by higherlevel systems in real-time. Sophisticated algorithms aim to reduce idle time and avoid impending failures. The basis for this intercommunication is given by established internet technologies. These are inexpensive, proven and universally accessible.

INCO V, the fifth generation of the Indel communication stack, was was built from scratch to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0. Security, efficiency and extensibility are among its most important features. It is built on cutting edge technologies such as IPv6, Tcp/ IP, HTTP(s) and Websockets. These are used throughout, from the browser to the drives and the IO systems. Each field bus slave has its own IPv6 address to be uniquely identifi able within the network. The slaves exchange data with arbitrary components, also with third party ones and even via the internet. Security is given through the use of proven and standardized protocols such as SSL/TLS 1.2 and OAuth 2.0.

INCO V does not require additional hardware. Existing Indel devices can be upgraded to support it by a free software update. The additional networktraffic can easily be transferred side-by-side with the real-time fieldbus data thanks to the 1GBit/s Indel GinLink. Therefore, no additional wiring is required.

No expenses for additional electronics.
No additional wiring. Endless possibilities. This is INCO-V.


Over 10,000 accesses per second (current Windows-PCs, Indel SAM3)

Remote access

Access of (customer-) applications on remote Indel systems


Any variablen or funktionen of the machine software can be registered


INCOExplorer can show any registered variable or function of any Indel system

The INCO communications system (INdel COnnectivity) offers everything necessary for communicating with the embedded system via Ethernet, PCIe or RS232 - reading and writing of values and entire data blocks and the execution of functions.
INOS and its frameworks innately register all important variables and functions in a tree structure. Thus every Indel system offers access to information such as the axis positions, the statuses of digital inputs and outputs, the current values of ADCs and DACs, etc, as standard. This information is most simply displayed using INCOExplorer (remote system control).
The customer may enter any variables and functions into the tree structure in the embedded application so that these are available to the HMI.

Remote maintenance

A further feature of the INCO communication layer is that the data can be routed fully transparently across multiple PCs. Thus every application that uses INCO can communicate with a remote Indel embedded system without further action being required, so long as a Tcp/Ip connection is available.