Indel Software Highlights 2023

Release 23.4.0

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SPS - Smart Production Solutions 2023

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Real-Time Operating System

Product name: INOS

The INOS operating system (INdel Operating System), developed entirely by Indel, stands out for its particularly lean, efficient architecture. INOS was developed and optimised explicitly for automation. It concentrates on the most important functions that are required for automation and deliberately omits functionalities that a universal operating system must offer. Consequently the INOS operating system achieves a significantly better performance, since it is devoted completely to its intended task.

INOS is a fully object-orientated real-time operating system programmed in C++. In addition to its kernel it includes many frameworks for automation solutions: motion control, I/O control, debugging options, real-time memory management, etc. The kernel itself offers all functions expected of a modern real-time operating system, such as:

  • pre-emptive, priority-based scheduling
  • locking and synchronisation mechanisms -  Mutex, Semaphore, Queues, ...
  • timer functionalities
  • communication stacks - RS232, Ethernet/UDP, ...

The complete source text of the operating system is available to our customers. No runtime license costs are due for INOS.

The outstanding features of INOS include efficient task switching and fast dynamic allocation and de-allocation. For the sequence there is a large selection of synchronisation options. It is thus possible to synchronise the movement of one axis specifically to the movement of another axis. All synchronisations are calculated in real time and can be defined and configured during runtime.


Completely object-orientied (C++)


Same system runs on all CPU boards, drives, I/O-systems


Preemtive multitasking with priorities


Mutexes, semaphores, queues, ...


Motion, I/O, UDP, RS232, ...