Indel Software Highlights 2023

Release 23.4.0

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SPS - Smart Production Solutions 2023

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Analysis Tools

Product names: Indel Varlog, Indel Tasklog

Indel Varlog

The Indel Varlog (Indel Variable Logger) allows the tracing and analysis of all fieldbus data and internal software statuses.

The behaviour of the axes, actuators/sensors and software can thus be recorded, analysed and stored, even on the customer’s premises, without requiring additional electronics. No longer is it necessary, thanks to the Indel Varlog, to connect external devices to capture the fieldbus data or internal statuses.

Indel Tasklog

The Tasklog allows all task-specific events to be displayed and analysed with a resolution of up to 32 ns. These include task switches, latencies, CPU requirement per task, etc.

Indel McLog

With the Indel McLog (Machine Control Logger), customer application process sequences can be graphically displayed at the touch of a button.

Individual sequences are displayed in Indel McLog on the time axis. Time dependencies between the sequences are represented by links between the latter.

All combined

With a simple click, all Indel analysis tools can be synchronized, meaning that the data of these tools can be compared with each other.

This not only saves procurement costs, but also increases flexibility as the Indel analysis tools can be linked to an Indel control at any time, even during operation.

Operating systems

Windows & Linux


up to 256

Sampling rate

up to100kHz