Indel Software Highlights 2023

Release 23.4.0

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SPS - Smart Production Solutions 2023

Many thanks for your visit to our booth in Nuremberg

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Axis Tools

Product names: Indel Axis Tool, Indel Axis Tuner

Axis Tool

The Indel axis tool offers full functionality for commissioning, configuring and testing axis control systems.

All axis parameters are represented in the Indel axis tool in a structured image and can be directly set and tested immediately. Additionally, the Indel axis tool offers a number of predefined test scenarios; the customer can add others if required.

Axis Tuner

Indel servo drives are able to analyze transfer behaviors over the whole frequency spectrum. The transfer behavior can than be optimized in the Indel Axis Tuner.

Recording a Bode plot provides the basis for analysis and optimization. As the frequency analysis is performed by the Indel servo drives, no additional hardware is required.


Operating systems

Windows & Linux

Instant verification

Changing parameters without system restart

Standard tests

Predefined tests for simplified verification

Diagram variants

Bode, Nyquist, Nichols

BiQuad filter

Up to 4: Low-pass, notch, two-load

Additional filters

Luenberger observer